The Perfect Startup Business

Learn to trade the financial markets one step at a time with our tailored face to face course.

Each course module is devoted to a different aspect of trading the financial markets.


Classroom Course

Whether you’re new to trading or a little more experienced, our informative online course can help you take your knowledge to the next level. With modules ranging from basic principles to learning the tools of the trade, you’ll gain a rounded understanding of trading, and the confidence to use it in a practical setting – whatever your background.

How does it work?

Over six modules, you’ll learn about the key principles of trading – from what it is and how it works, to picking a market and managing your risk. After you finish each module, we review your progress with a test on what you’ve covered so far. That way you can move onto the next module, confident you’re on the right track.

Custom Headline

Come away from the course confident in what you’ve learned, and ready to put it to use. At the end of each module we review your progress and test your knowledge.